Welcome to my private public collection of thoughts, assessments and lessons. So these are the things that make us grow: patience, faith, challenge, fear, elders, education and seasons.

In this new season of my life I am choosing deliberately to TAKE…MY…TIME…

That alone takes courage because we are living in a world where the days run without an end, milliseconds are a norm, busy-ness is the culture and digitization is the priority of the day.

I guess I’m going against traffic. The new norm.

While I do engage in it all I try and check-in with myself regularly; by the day, the hour, the moment…

God, life, divine timing and purpose have all presented me with a new book (forget chapter) and I have chosen to allow 2019 to be my year where I slow down and learn all of these lessons and new adaptations. Sometimes cool and other times quite darn uncomfortable yet I’m going against that traffic and honoring season.

A new wife, a business owner, a daughter-in law, a minister, a friend, a daughter, a sister/aunt etc, a grinding girl, an intuitive girl, a spiritual woman….

You feel me? That’s alot right? And you can create your own list as well.

Anyhoo, this entry is dedicated to my reflection of quarter 1. Read this business and see just how much of it you can find yourself in as well.

Eat well, think well and live well.

My Quarter 1 Reflection:

  • Marriage is literally the biggest most drastic loudest thing you’ve ever done!
  • Go easy
  • Journal every repetitive dream
  • You’ve never done this before cut yourself some slack
  • Re-branding takes tiiiiiiiime
  • Lord it takes a lot to change your last name
  • Permit the changes God is bringing
  • It’s ok to have empty spaces
  • Wow I really love ASMR videos
  • Accept this season of grace
  • Emerge yourself in this season of grace
  • Relax into this season of grace
  • Allow everybody to be where they are and at the pace they’re going but don’t you dare shift gears
  • Yes girl more multiple streams of income
  • Applaud the middle
  • Conversation with hubby is key
  • Track your thoughts and emotions
  • Get clear about what you want for 2019. Write it. Stick to it.
  • Minimize so that you can maximize
  • Get acquainted with patience
  • Ask for what you want
  • Ask for all of what you want
  • Yea sis, you need more sleep
  • Yea sis, it’s another faith walk ahead. Deep breath
  • Let yourself be a novice, you’ve never been a wife before
  • Laugh until you gasp for air
  • Let God bring ’em
  • Read baby read
  • Let’s find some new recipes
  • I really love my food processor
  • Get all of your affairs in order
  • …Ok yea do that but don’t feel like it all has to be done in one day. Make the list..
  • Pray with no periods

Ready to create yours? Do it.