Please note that all wellness plans and prescriptions for healing are natural and nutrition-based. There are no miracle cures. These plans work for those who are willing to be intentional and committed. What I guarantee is that if you are consistent you will get the results that you desire.

Be advised that a Wellness Plan is not a Meal Plan. While foods will be prescribed within the Wellness Plan they are not formatted as day-to-day instructional. A Wellness Plan is a fully designed guide on how to heal your issue utilizing nutrition, holistic care, naturopathic medicine and lifestyle modifications.


Frequently asked questions pertaining to getting a wellness plan from LaShanna Leonard Inc.

How long will it take to see results?

You will typically begin experiencing results within days of applying the wellness plan. Rate of results are also dependent on environment, age, current health status and diet.  I advise that clients allow at least 90 days for the full effect on any plan. The primary idea is to gain a new lifestyle in addition to experiencing health and wholeness.

When can I start on a plan?

You are free to start on the plan from the moment you receive it. When a plan is purchased it is sent via email to the client.  You can incorporate this plan into your daily life as much as you are willing to.

Are supplements included?

Supplements are not included in any wellness plan but supplements may be prescribed within a wellness plan. These supplements will be based on diagnosis and current medication.

Will I have access to LaShanna?

Women who register for a consultation will speak with LaShanna via phone. Those who register for an in-office consultation will speak with LaShanna in person.  Clients live across the nation and have a variety of needs so the plans are created to provide the information needed to be successful in healing.  LaShanna makes time for the SHE Warriors while they journey through their plan.  A follow-up is scheduled with warriors who have purchased a Foods that Heal Wellness Plan.

How can I get access to LaShanna?

LaShanna Leonard Inc. provides a membership where members will have the opportunity to connect with LaShanna on a monthly basis via email and one monthly wellness power call.

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