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New Product Features

The Official Unveiling of Well Life Oils









It’s Functional Fragrance: scent as medicine. We’re biohacking our brains to perform along with our bodies.

Well Life Oils are designed to provide natural aromatic and therapeutic benefits that revive the senses, realignment the body and retreat the mind. 

Key Elements

Well Life Oils are blends of essential oils that promote wellness and aid in mental, hormone and reproductive health. These oils are natural grades or organic and sheltered in amber glass to presersve their permeability.

Target Audience

Well Life Oils are ideal for women who experience hormonal imbalance, infertility, PCOS, stress & anxiety. We also have an oil exclusively for men to support hormone function & testosterone.


Well Life Oils each have their own application and direction of use. Certain oils are to be applied to various parts of the body to enhance their therapy.

Why Well Life Oils?

Essential Oils have been used for healing and treatment for thousands of years. These oils are organic compounds that derive from plants and provide us with multiple benefits and services. The use of EO spans from hospitals to homes giving the individual the premium benefit of its purpose. Our Well Life oils have been thoughtfully comprised and blended to maintain the integrity of its use and the trust of each customer.

All The Right Things

Well Baby?

Promote fertility and support women with infertility

Well Lover!

Exclusively for men; supports male fertility, increase sperm motility and testosterone levels

Well Flow

Supports hormone balance

Helps to regulate menstrual cycle  

Well Lady

Supports PCOS


**Each essential oil blend provides a relaxing and therapeutic aroma that is also beneficial for a daily unwind.

**Well Life oils are made to order.


**Not recommended for use in first trimester of pregnancy

**Always consult with your Physician before starting a new regimen


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Product Feature- Well, Baby?

Products cannot increase egg production but this blend helps to increase egg quality and improve the chances of implantation by toning the uterus. Ideal for women with low ovarian reserve.

Product Feature- Well, Flow?

Whether its regulating the menstrual flow or regulating hormones this blend aids in both. Uniquely able to support the endocrine system. Beneficial for women with endometriosis.

Product Feature- It's NomaH

When you know, it’s NomaH. 

NomaH is an effective supplment used for PCOS syptoms, acne, anxity, hormonal imbalance and weight gain due to hormonal imbalance. 







The Well Life Podcast is dedicated to elevating life in every phase; health, wellness, relationship and overall well-being. From education to inspiration I am helping you break through to the you God created you to be. Allow me to encourage you to think well and be well! 

You’re here because you’re in search of truth, help, healing, insight and/or a support system. I’ve got all of that for you and more. These episodes are filled with tools that will help you to live your most optimized life. You’ve come to the right place.

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In this helpful 16-page guide, LaShanna will share the foods that help you heal your body from the inside out.

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