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I am so excited to coach you along your journey of healing and freedom. I know you’ve been on quite a ride. Well, breathe and relax because from this point on I’m going to help you regain your freedom. I’m sure you’ve familiarized yourself with my 5 cycles of wellness (Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social & Intellectual). Now get ready to align your life for your total state of wellness.

It’s all pretty simple.

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Women’s Health


I offer Holistic Services to help women with an array of health issues including obesity, fibroids, infertility, ovarian Issues, hormonal Issues, menopause, thyroid Issues and others. I offer Consultations and Counseling to support you in your ongoing health concerns. Learn more about how I can support you or schedule an appointment if you’re ready to dive in.



Foods That Heal™


A comprehensive holistic program designed for those battling disease, diagnoses, and various types of body ailments.  Learn more about the components of the program and get on the road to living pain-free.



Courses That Heal


Courses designed to better help you to understand the fundamentals of nutrition, holistic treatment and specific areas such as hormone and reproductive health. Learn more about the course offerings.



Speaking To Heal

Need a great speaker to discuss the topics of women’s health, hormones, the five states of wellness, or what’s trending in global health? Maybe you have a relationship conference and need a voice of wholness and wisdom to address some intimate issues. Find out how you can book LaShanna to speak at your upcoming event.




In this helpful 16-page guide, LaShanna will share the foods that help you heal your body from the inside out.

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