Let’s Understand the Basics

PCOS is pronounced as each letter P-C-O-S

PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome. There are usually multiple cysts living in each ovary.

PCOS typically affects women of child-bearing age (from teens to late 40s and sometimes over).

PCOS does not have a look and does not discriminate.

It was reported that 1 in 15 women are affected but MORE women are walking around undiagnosed. Now it is reported that 1 in 10 women will PCOS. PCOS is not a death sentence.

PCOS is a hormone disorder that affects a woman’s ovulation cycle, major hormonal imbalance, endocrine system and can cause fertility challenges.

Symptoms May Include:

Weight Gain

Hirsutism (extreme facial hair, sometimes body hair due to the increase in androgens, a male hormone)

Hair Loss

Insulin Resistance

Irregular Periods

Adult Acne

Extreme Fatigue

Pelvic Pain

Mood Swings

Poor Sleep


Diagnosing PCOS

PCOS is not easy to diagnose and some women make several trips to the Dr before they know what is going on.  Your doctor should ask you a series of questions from your personal medical history to your family’s. You should undergo several tests that include blood work. Your Dr may suggest a sonogram as well to look deeper into the uterus and assess the ovaries. You may also see a specialist called Endocrinologist.


While all women don’t experience the entire list of symptoms insulin resistance and stubborn weight gain are generally the two dominant ones. It is essential that a balanced diet that supports insulin sensitivity is followed. Be mindful of dairy, processed foods, foods high in sugar and fat, simple carbs and sugary drinks. Consider an organic diet and consult a nutritionist/dietitian that is familiar with PCOS. Schedule a Wellness Consultation with LaShanna if you desire.

PCOS and Fertility

It is not impossible however PCOS makes it challenging to conceive. This is partly due to  irregular ovulation. You should work with a specialist/fertility specialist while maintaining a PCOS diet and lifestyle to reduce stress and hormone disruptors. You want to adopt a diet that encourages ovulation. See Diet or schedule a Wellness Consultation with LaShanna if you desire.


It is not completely known yet why women have PCOS although we understand that hormonal imbalance is a major part. These women tend to have in extreme the male hormone androgen. Mind you, women have androgen in their body as well but usually not in large portion. Women with PCOS also tend to have insulin challenges thus constant blood sugar spikes. Consult with a nutritionist or dietitian who is familiar with PCOS.


With proper education, consultation and execution you can live a healthy live and heal from PCOS. Become a SHE Warrior and join a community of women who have taken their womanhood back!