This blog focuses on healthy spots to enjoy versus choosing healthier items on a menu of the not-so-healthy spots. I wanted to offer some places where you can go, breathe a little bit and trust the writing on the menu. Let’s take a look…

At some point you’re gonna eat out, right?
The challenge with eating out while experiencing a safe, sanitary and healthy experience becomes a dilemma for most so my LA assistant and I took to the streets to make assessments on what restaurants could be classified under SAFE.
We ate at some and interviewed the management of others.

While this list only mentions 8 there are more eateries to choose from and enjoy. Don’t worry, this list includes spots throughout the U.S. so check them out and find one to visit.

Use this criteria whenever you are planning to dine out.
Here was our criteria:
1. Overall cleanliness
2. Menus that focus on supporting local farmers, sustainability and affordability
3. Menus that offer fresh, natural, organic, non-GMO, grass-fed meals
4. Menus that catered to all eating styles (from carnivore to vegans) without compromising quality

These are my top 8 picks:
(These are not listed according to rank. Includes fast food and restaurants. I’ve added the links so click for more info)

Chipotle (Nationwide)
Veggie Grill (California, Washington, Oregon)
Protein Bar & Kitchen (Chicago, Colorado, D.C.)
Flower Child (Nationwide)
LYFE Kitchen (Established by Oprah’s former chef. California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas)
Slutty Vegan (Atlanta GA)
HS Green Fresh Food Kitchen (Houston TX)
Snap Kitchen (Houston TX)

I’m so proud to see that new ‘eat fresh eat clean’ restaurants are truly on the rise nationwide.

Remember, at the end of the day our health has become our own responsibility. Choosing well is a part of being well and living well.

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