We are under a greater awareness that the concern for our health, diet and safety depends on us alone. Our actions must be based on a need to keep our foods, safe, clean and edible. Yes, it’s up to you not the food system (unfortunately).

I wanted to provide you with healthy hacks to ensure your produce is as safe as possible.

Organic is now the highest recommendation because of the requirements this produce has to undergo; however from a cost-perspective here are other ways to stay as safe as possible when you can’t buy organic. Note: I still recommend washing even organic produce. It doesn’t go through as many hands but it has gone through a hand nonetheless via transit and stores.

  1. Keep kitchen counter tops, refrigerator and stove tops clean at all times for starters
  2. Cool filtered water is great, you don’t have to buy expenses washes and detergents
  3. Cider vinegar or vinegar mixed with water is a great option, soak the produce in a bowl
  4. Gently brush fruits and veggies that have those hard to see places, crevices and nooks. They can be soaked 1-2 minutes as well
  5. After washing produce damp them dry with paper towel to remove any extra bacteria
  6. If eating produce on the go fill a spray bottle with filtered water and spray them well
  7. Fragile fruit like berries can be placed in a colander and sprayed with cold water
  8. Salt water is also an option for cleaning produce
  9. Adding a teaspoon of baking soda can be effective with vegetables