“LaShanna has been a major help in my fight with Lupus.”

Under her coaching, I was given a meal plan and some lifestyle changes to make. It took me awhile but as I begin to commit to following the instructions I immediately begin to feel changes in my body. The best part is when you go to the doctor and your blood work is the best you’ve seen in a long time. My blood pressure was down, HDL cholesterol was great. My Rheumatologist also said that whatever I was doing to keep doing it.  My flare-ups have gone from weekly to maybe 1-2 every other month.  You don’t know the relief I feel.

This lifestyle is not always easy but I can’t imagine remaining in this level of pain without LaShanna’s help and advice. Thank you so much!



“I was recovering from Stage 4 colon cancer when I was referred to LaShanna.”

I’m a 6-foot tall statue of a man and I had lost over 40 lbs after chemo and radiation. I needed to put weight back on but I was also struggling with strength and memory.  In the mornings I was extremely nauseous and struggled with having an appetite. Working with this young lady was very refreshing. She listened and she worked with me. She even made a few house visits to check on me and scan the kitchen. Ha! At this point, I was open to anything she suggested. She made me a plan and a chart for the house that I kept in the kitchen.  I have gained 25 lbs of my original weight back, I’m eating a little more regularly and my morning dizziness is a lot better. I love the tasks that she given me to stimulate brain cell activity and how I’m able to remember where I’ve set something down. Ha! She’s a sweetheart.



“I was very reluctant in how much more I could be helped because I had tried a lot of things.”

When I was encouraged to contact LaShanna my mood was really skeptical. I had already been through two surgeries, suffered a miscarriage, and had extremely painful periods because of my endometriosis. But I thought “What the heck”. We had our consultation and I was immediately impressed by her knowledge. I liked that she sympathized with me and had already worked with women with similar issues. After that my wellness plan was sent to me, it only took her a few days but she gave me the stuff to do in the meantime. The goal was to see some gradual change in my follow-up appointment which was 5 weeks away.

Ok so fast forward, we saw just that. I have endometriosis AND uterine fibroids. Two of my fibroids had shrunk and one fibroid over 3 cm which is about the size of a walnut. I cried! My PMS has declined significantly! I’m eating and sleeping better. I’m managing my stress a little better and my hair is growing back! (stress and medication was taking it out) This young woman is my answered prayer. She requests a follow-up with me every other month now and I gladly say yes because I know she’s on this journey with me.



“I came to LaShanna because I had no more sex drive, not low sex drive but NO sex drive.”

It was frustrating my marriage but I simply couldn’t help it. Not to mention that I also had weight gain that I couldn’t lose and my energy stayed low. When I had my consultation with LaShanna she just smiled and wrote….and smiled and wrote. I didn’t know what that was all about but later she assured me that this was going to be just fine. She worked on a wellness plan for me. I have to confess, it had all kinds of stuff on there that I had never seen before but it all made sense and it was nothing that I couldn’t do so it was like, here goes! I’ve been married to my loving and patient husband for 27 years. I am an active woman in life, but not in the bedroom. I lost my desire to look at myself too because of the weight gain. Husband doesn’t seem to care about the weight gain but I do. I have been on this wellness plan for 3 months now but within the first 1 1/2 week, I could feel the difference. OH, MY GOD! I cried! I had intercourse with my husband willingly. If you’ve not had my situation you don’t know just how crucial it can be to a couple. I just couldn’t make it happen. The libido wasn’t there.

This investment has changed my life and saved my marriage. Please if you’re reading, it’s going to be ok. There is hope for us. I don’t know how I met this young woman but I’m glad that I did. Sory if my story was funny but that is also how I learned to cope with my issues. I thought there was no fix and that counseling was next.

As she says, Live Well!


“I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18.”

I was prescribed birth control pills and that was ok for awhile. When I met my husband we started the discussion on building a family. I didn’t know at the time that I was also dealing with endometriosis so that meant more complication. I felt so bad for my husband as he desperately wanted kids and I wasn’t sure if I could give them to him. I met LaShanna and started my wellness plan. She encouraged me to follow the plan in conjunction with the doctor’s instruction because she wanted us all to work together.  I knew this was also my chance to get my body in shape and get into healthier habits if I thought there was even a CHANCE at being a mom. My plan covered those things as well.  Two months following the plan and I started having something I didn’t think was possible, ovulation. My husband and I were so excited.  Life felt possible again. I was going in for my Well Woman Exam when we discovered that………I was pregnant!!! I know there are so many women out there who are struggling and feel helpless. All we want is a chance to give life. We got our chance and I owe the coaching to LaShanna Leonard. I am a SHE Warrior for life!



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