Did you know that there was a natural way to eliminate your pain suffering?

Welcome to the Foods That Heal™ Program (FTH)!

FTH is a comprehensive holistic program designed for those battling disease, diagnoses, and various types of body ailments. This program has been designed to teach you which foods can help remove pain from the equation leading to a better quality of life. Plus you’ll learn remedies to heal your body eliminating the need for lots of medications.

The FTH Program has been broken down into several components including a wellness plan, a 7-day meal plan, and an online course.

Foods that Heal™ Wellness Plan

A complete holistic wellness plan designed for those battling disease, diagnoses, and various body ailments.
Investment: $299

Foods that Heal™ Meal Plan

A 7-day step to healing the body with proper foods and naturopathic remedies. Choose from the two types of plans available, either the General or Specific Diagnosis Plan.
Investment: General Plan – $100

Investment: Specific Diagnosis Plan – $199

Foods that Heal™ Online Course

Taught by LaShanna Leonard this course guides you through exploring your kitchen, learning how to organize it as a healing component to cooking and basic nutrition information. The course has been designed to be interactive with videos, slides and reading materials.
Investment: $60


In this helpful 16-page guide, LaShanna will share the foods that help you heal your body from the inside out.

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