Thank you for joining me in furthering your knowledge in holistic treatment and education.

By visiting this page it shows that you are intrigued by a greater means of living a healthy, wealthy and abundant life.

I have designed courses through a video that are comprehensive, interactive and insightful. These courses will better help you to understand the fundamentals of nutrition, holistic treatment and your more specific areas such as issues with hormone health and reproductive health.

You may choose to enroll in the course for yourself or for someone you desire to provide effective information to.


Courses Available

Fibroids 101 *now enrolling*
Don’t Disturb My Hormones (Hormone Health)
Foods That Heal™
Balance Life, Don’t Lose Your Mind!
Bundle the Bounty (Two courses for one price)

These courses will provide you with:

A basic understanding of terms in the health and wellness field
Fundamentals of nutrition, their categories, and application
Fundamentals of hormone health
Fundamentals of reproductive health
Methodologies of treatment
Mini-videos to help you retain information and remain engaged
An opportunity to send feedback

You Will Learn More About:

Foods and Their Effects on Your Body
Diagnoses and Their Symptoms
Options for You and Your Uterus
Peri and Post Menopause


One Course: $60
Bundle Two Courses: $95


View each course at your own pace. A Help Center will be provided for any technical issues you may experience. My philosophy in holistic treatment, nutrition, and naturopathic medicine works alongside conventional medicine. It is my belief that we need an appropriate relationship between the two. Always consult your physician before changing any protocols.


In this helpful 16-page guide, LaShanna will share the foods that help you heal your body from the inside out.

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