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Affetionately Known as Your Well Woman.

Specializing in helping women heal and thrive. My focus with you is your healing from the inside out; that may range from woman to woman. I deal specifically with issues relating to your relationship wellness, hormone health, reproductive, stress management, lifestyle management and weight management.







The Wellness Practice for Women

LaShanna Leonard Moore LLC is a bicoastal wellness practice that I designed for the Well Woman. A Well Woman is one who wears many hats in life. She is an influencer, a leader, successful, intelligent, a mother, partner and a trailblazer.

I focus on harmonizing your life; body, mind, soul, and spirit. I don’t want you to be a public success and a private failure. This is achieved in 3 areas: consulting in overall wellness, treatment through holistic care and body care through our newest baby, a holistic spa boutique. LLM helps you to breathe again and be rich from the inside out. What I do is bridge the medical and holistic worlds together. We need a healthy blend of both health spectrums.



May 3 – Grace for the Woman, wives edition. Houston TX

June 8– Texas Black Expo ’19 Wellness Forum, Houston TX

July 6– Essence Glambitious Brunch. New Orleans, LA

August 16– Grace for the Woman, Brunch edition. 11am. Houston, TX

October 12 – Grace for the Woman, Seminar edition. 10am. “Preparing 20/20 Vision for 2020”. Houston, TX

October 30– Chat & Chew; Women’s Health with Kelsey-Seybold Staff. Downtown Shops. Houston, TX

November 10– The Merge Experience. Houston, TX


Meet LaShanna Leonard Moore

FUNCTIONAL Medicine. HOLISTIC FITNESS. Nutrition Specialist. Holistic Practitioner. MINISTER.

It is often said that in order to know what a person believes in watching what they do. This is true of LaShanna Leonard Moore.

As the founder of LaShanna Leonard Moore LLC, a wellness practice for women, LaShanna is blazing her own trail in impacting lives and being a voice for health and wellness.  LaShanna is penned as Your Well Woman; promoting the total state of a well life mind, body, soul and spirit.  A highly sought-after speaker and coach she is swiftly transforming lives through her credibility, character, and cause. LaShanna is a graduate of the University of Houston and holds a B.A. in Dance & Theater. She is also a certified fitness coach, nutrition specialist and holistic health practitioner. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Functional Medicine. She believes that the body was designed to heal itself. Her program Foods that Heal has quickly navigated its way across the U.S. liberating women and teaching them how to care for their bodies. In 2017 LaShanna has created and launched the first national wellness tour for women called Body Fierce Wellness Tour. This tour focuses on women’s health, workouts that maximize time and body and managing life in home and business.

Mrs. Moore is also an influence of spiritual enrichment and empowerment. As a minister, a holistic counselor and visionary she provides support to wives and young women. Her message is, “in order to live your blessed life and be all that God has created you to be you must know your born identity and purpose”. See her penned books and variety of publications to learn more.



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